Boiler Room 40 Days Week 1: Family and Community

Morning Prayer

Breathing in Gratitude and Thanksgiving

We start with a declaration of our dependence on God’s presence personally and as a community.

Exodus 33: 15-16
‘Moses said, “If your presence doesn’t take the lead here, call this trip off right now. How else will it be known that you’re with me in this, with me and your people? Are you traveling with us or not? How else will we know that we’re special, I and your people, among all other people on this planet Earth?”’ (MSG)

‘Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us? So we shall be separate, Your people and I, from all the people who are upon the face of the earth.”’ (NKJV)

You might want to try and reword these verses into a prayer that expresses your own dependence on God’s presence and leading in your life, or you could just pray through them as they are. Take time each day to notice which particular word impacts you the most and then hold that word consciously throughout the day. You could write it down or message it to yourself . You could select a small object which you can carry around with you, so that every time you notice it you remember the word and its meaning to you.

Reflect upon the journey your life has taken, and the knowledge that God has walked every step with you, on the mountains and in the valleys. Give thanks for his faithfulness
Thinking of family and community:
Give thanks to God for one or two specific people in your family or wider community . Reflect on the ways he has used them to bring love, encouragement, support and comfort into your life.
Could you let them know you appreciate them: a simple text message, a card, a small gift or some other expression of gratitude perhaps?
Give thanks to God for family and for a sense of belonging. Give thanks that God places us in families and communities.


Evening Prayer

Breathing out Praying Blessing

Words of faith:
Lord, You have always given bread for the coming day;
and though I am poor, today I believe.
Lord, You have always given strength for the coming day;
and though I am weak, today I believe.
Lord, You have always given peace for the coming day;
and though of anxious heart, today I believe.
Lord, You have always kept me safe in trials;
and now, tried as I am, today I believe.
Lord, You have always marked the road for the coming day;
and though it may be hidden, today I believe.
Lord, You have always lightened this darkness of mine;
and though the night is here, today I believe.
Lord, You have always spoken when time was ripe;
and though you be silent now, today I believe. Amen.
(Liturgy from the Northumbria Community)

1. Think about today:  reflect on the things that have happened and the people you’ve met.
2. Think about today: what one thing are you most thankful for?
3. Think about today: what one thing have you done that you most regret?
4. Think about tomorrow: what would make tomorrow an even better day than today?
The Lord our God goes with us: The Lord our God will not fail us or abandon us.

Prayer of blessing

Thinking again about your family and wider community:
Pray blessing upon one or two members of that community. Ask God to bless them in specific ways.
Take some time to reflect and think about this person or people:
Where do they need specific blessing in their lives at this time?
How would this blessing express itself? What would it look like and do for them?
Think of someone in the wider Cityspace community, either a regular visitor or someone who hasn’t been in recently but who you remember because of an event or a conversation you had with them. Pray a specific blessing on them. What would you like to see happen in their lives?

Closing Prayer:

Almighty God our Father, we come in humility to meet you in your majesty.
In Jesus, we stand confident in our heavenly status as members of your family,
By your Holy Spirit, teach us how to stand in the gap for this region:
May our communities be places where people always feel at home;
May our streets be blessed with the peace that surpasses understanding;
May the warmth of your love reach those who feel they are on the fringes of society.
Transform our city – touch her cold stones with your breath and bring her heart to life again,
Show us how to help her step out from behind her ‘tough girl’ exterior and truly be herself.
And as we too set our hearts to become the people you made us to be,
May your light glow within us and your glory radiate from us
In Jesus name, amen.

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