Here are some links to talks and interviews I’ve done. My apologies if any of them stop working … archives often get moved or deleted.

A little film about me and my life …

A BBC Radio documentary on healing and disability which I contributed to in April 2019. This links to the article, and within the article there’s a link to the documentary itself. Oh and there’s a nice drawing of me driving a sports car through the pearly gates too!

An interview I did with UCB Radio in March 2019 … it’s pretty wide-ranging and takes in everything from faith to blindness to prayer and grief.

A chat-show style interview I did at Christ Church Beckenham in 2018.

An interview I did for the ‘Woman to Woman’ show on Premier Radio, just after the publication of ‘Faith in the Making’ in 2018.

An interview I did with UCB Radio in 2018, just after ‘Faith in the Making’ was published:

Part 1

Part 2

‘One Thing’ – a video prayer school in three series, produced by The Salvation Army, for which I provided some of the teaching

Season 1: ‘One Thing for Us – bringing personal Prayer to life’

Season 2: ‘One Thing for the Church: growing prayer together’

Season 3: ‘One Thing for the World – moving out in prayer’

(Coming soon)

Pray as you are – an interview I did with The Salvation Army USA Central in 2013 on prayer

The Salvation Army’s Eva Burrows College in Australia did an interview with me and Pete Greig on prayer and church:

Listen here

Talks from a Women’s Day I did at St Paul’s Kingston Hill in 2012

Sermons preached at St Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury

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