‘Prayer in the Making’ Podcast

If you’re reading my book, ‘Prayer in the Making’, why not follow the podcast I recorded shortly after the book came out. It’s me sharing more of my thoughts on each chapter of the book and I hope it’ll help you think more deeply about the different types of prayer I’ve written about.

About the Prayer in the Making Bookclub

Bookclub Info and Instructions

The best and worst of prayer (Foreword and Introduction)

God wants to be with you (Foreword and Introduction)

God is real (Chapter 1 Part 1)

Deep calls to deep (Chapter 1 Part 2)

Mini explosions (Chapter 2 Part 1)

Grief is worship (Chapter 2 Part 2)

God and sat navs (Chapter 3 Part 1)

The wonder of stories (Chapter 3 Part 2)

Soul parenting (Chapter 4 Part 1)

Healing balm (Chapter 4 Part 2)

Prayer action stories (Chapter 5 Part 1)

Don’t feel bad for getting bored (Chapter 5 Part 2)

Splendidly specific (Chapter 6 Part 1)

You need to want (Chapter 6 Part 2)

Getting life in focus (Chapter 7 Part 1)

Another brick in the wall (Chapter 7 Part 2)

Wound management (Chapter 8 Part 1)

Thoughts on forgiveness (Chapter 8 Part 2)

A menu of fasting options (Chapter 9 Part 1)

The tricky subject of praying out loud (Chapter 9 Part 2)

Reading the Bible with all 5 senses (Chapter 10 Part 1)

Praying the bible for your local community (Chapter 10 Part 2)

Alienation and homecoming (Chapter 11 Part 1)

Essential ingredients for a breakthrough (Chapter 11 Part 2)

Praying the way you’re made (Chapter 12 Part 1)

The nub of it all (Chapter 12 Part 2)

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