‘Neighbours, Transform your Street’, a book I helped to write …

This isn’t exactly new news, but I should really have posted it here 6 months ago.

Last year I was asked to collaborate in the writing of a book to help people get started praying for their local neighbourhood. Most people I know would like to be an influence for good and for transformation in their local area, but have no idea where to start, so we felt there was a gap in the market for something which would give some theory, lots of stories and lots of practical ideas.

The main author of the book is a wonderful woman called Rebekkah Brettle … a woman who lives out this praying for your neighbourhood thing like no-one else I know. It is a passion of hers, and she inspires me, so it was a privilege to be asked to help with some of the more ‘nerdy’ prayer bits. In truth the work is far far more hers than mine, but I was honoured to have been asked to help.

The book was written in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley Stadium on 29th September 2012.

Should you be interested in acquiring the book, here is the Amazon link:


Should you be interested in more resources along this line, do visit the website www.neighbourhoodprayer.net … this is a project Rebekkah is heavily involved in and has loads more to offer the aspiring neighbourhood-transformer!


The Salvation Army USA Central Territory interviewed me …

… and you can view it here:

It’s me talking about myself, my heart for prayer and my top tip for kick-starting your prayer life.

Prayer Guide for Olympic and Paralympic Games


We on the More Than Gold Prayer Team have put together a Prayer Guide for individuals, churches, small groups or prayer groups wanting to pray for the Games. It’s a pdf download, so why not grab it now, save it and see what’s useful to you in it.

  • How to build regular prayer for the Games into the life of a church
  • What the Bible says about praying for a major sporting event
  • Extensive topics for prayer with links to websites
  • Creative ways to include prayer in church
  • Planning a Games prayer meeting
  • How to run a Prayer Walk for the Games
  • Prayer resources for children and sports groups
  • Written and responsive prayers for the Games


More Isaiah 60 Bible Studies

Here are links to the other two studies in my Isaiah 60 series for The Salvation Army’s Salvationist Newspaper.

Study 2

Study 3

I’ll file them all in the Resources section of the site for easy access in future.

Happy reading … happy shining 🙂

Sample of daily readings I’ve written

I write regular Bible studies for a women’s Bible reading publication called ‘Day by day with God’, and I was really blessed and complimented when the marketing team contacted me to say they wanted to use one of my sets of readings as a free download sampler to encourage new readers.

So, if you’d like to take a look, please click here …

You can also explore the several and varied ways you can become a ‘Day by day with God’ reader 🙂

My Isaiah 60 Bible Study

I recently wrote 3 Bible studies on Isaiah 60 for The Salvation Army’s Salvationist newspaper. The first one was published last Saturday and you can read it here.

Isaiah 60 seems to be something of a prophetic word for the nation this year, so it’s been most inspiring to dig into it in some detail.

See the Bible Studies section of the Resources page for other series I’ve written.