My writing

I’ve got two books out at the moment, which you can read in paper or Kindle format.

Faith in the Making: Praying it, talking it, living it

Prayer in the Making: Trying it, talking it, sustaining it, BRF (The Bible Reading Fellowship) 2019

I’m also a regular contributor to BRF’s daily Bible reading series for women,

‘Day by Day with God’.

I contributed some of the Biblical Reflections on Prayer for Andrew Roberts’ excellent set of discipleship resources called ‘Holy Habits’ (published by BRF). Find out more about them here:

Holy Habits

And of course I’ve written all sorts of other things on prayer over the years. Here are a few of my articles, booklets and resources you might find useful.

The Salvation Army’s Prayer Resources page has four of my booklets on prayer:

  • ‘Living Limitless Love’ – a Lent prayer journey based on 1 Corinthians 13.
  • ‘Let’s rebuild together’ – a prayer journey through the book of Nehemiah.
  • ‘Fastforward’ – an outline for spending 24 hours fasting and praying, with some fasting guidelines included.
  • ‘Prophetic Prayer’ – a booklet on hearing God and praying what you hear.

An article I wrote for the BRF Writers Blog on why Psalm 37:4 is my least favourite verse, but why it’s been growing on me lately.

‘Crossing over: Stop; Look’ – a piece I wrote for the Mothers Union magazine here in Kent, reproduced by MU Chelmsford, to help us reflect on the COVID-19 lockdown and the way ahead.

‘Finding a Prayer Rhythm’ – a guide to help you build a daily prayer rhythm – written at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, but there’s plenty in it that’s timeless.

Here’s a series of 3 articles on ‘Prayer and Personality’ based on 3 different psalms, which have appeared in Salvation Army publications in the UK and Australia.

This is a guide to prayer walking which I wrote for Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

A prayer on the theme of Hope for Creation, which I wrote for Tearfund a while ago and which is still out there on the net.


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