Faith in the Making: Praying it, talking it, living it

Faith in the Making: Praying it, talking it, living it

BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) 2018

‘Faith in the Making’ was born when I was asked by the Bible Reading Fellowship to write a set of reflections on the characters in Hebrews Chapter 11. In case you’re not familiar with it, Hebrews 11 is a roll-call of men and women who were influential in the history of the Hebrew people. Nowadays they’re sometimes known as ‘heroes of faith’.


For heroes, they’re a rather motley bunch. Their stories are a mix of courageous exploits and foolish mistakes, but they all had one thing in common, according to the writer to the Hebrews. They all had faith. They believed in something and they believed in someone.


The book introduces you to 14 of these characters across 12 chapters. You can read a bit about their stories, and discover some of the lessons they learnt about how to live faith-filled lives. Each section finishes with a prayer activity, some discussion questions and some practical suggestions on how you can live out what you’ve been reading.


The book is suitable for personal reading or for study in a small group. The writing style is accessible and very ‘readable’, and the questions and activities would be suitable for people at many different stages on their faith journey.


What the reviews say:


‘For Christians bored with the mediocre and wanting to change the world, this book will inspire them to put more faith in what God can do where they live.’


‘Lyndall provides a roadmap which connects the story of faith heroes to our story through an excellent combination of theology, practice and application for our everyday lives.’


‘This book ticks all the boxes in giving us something to read that is Bible-based, challenging, interesting, personal, realistic and practical.’


‘Honestly and carefully constructed – a brilliant read to which I shall return often for reminders and prompts of how I can live more “faithfully”.’


‘Used this with my small group and we found it useful and instructive in structuring our time together … Certainly encouraged us to grow our faith.’


‘The way Lyndall explores biblical examples is accessible for those just starting out, but also deep and challenging if you’ve been on the road a while.’


‘This book is a kick up the backside, a pat on the back and a reassuring hug all in one.’


You can buy the book here:

Buy direct from the publisher

Buy from Eden online shop

Buy on Kindle from amazon (paperback also available) 

My sincere thanks go to Danielle Strickland for writing the foreword to the book. I love the Hebrews 11 heroes, but I also love the modern-day heroes I know who are busy believing for impossible things, refusing to be quiet about injustice and putting their lives on the line for the kingdom of God in this world. Danielle is one such woman, and I am honoured to know her.

Here’s one of the lovely things she said about the book:

“What we have believed about heroes is wrong. Simply fantasy. Heroes are real people who do real things in real life that change things. I believe in heroes. The woman who wrote this book is one of mine. What’s coming in the following pages is an exploration of living a heroic life in real time.”

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