Lent Bookclub Part 26: The nub of it all

Chapter 12: Resilience; Part 2: Growing a Relationship

This is the final episode in the podcast series! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing these … almost as much as I enjoyed writing the book … and I hope they’ve been helpful to you.

This last one is me getting to the nub of things. If I could leave you with one lasting thought, it’s the contents of this podcast.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. May your prayer life grow from strength to strength, and may you always know God loves you, just as you are. If that knowledge sinks deep within you, the whole business of prayer gets a million times easier and more exciting. (That’s not what the podcast says, by the way … that’s just another equally important thing to grasp!)

And to all of you, a very happy Easter!

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  1. Barbara Woodall

     /  25/04/2019

    Your podcasts have been so helpful to me. I’m reading your book too but to be able to listen to someone talking to me has been such a blessing. I’m 65 and have been a Christian since my mid 30s. I thought the struggle would be over by now but it isn’t. The questions and turmoils reappear every so often and I thank God for the day I listened to you be interviewed on Premier Radio in March (?). I had tuned into the radio station for the first time and although I’ve subsequently decided it’s not for me I’m grateful for doing so that day and hearing your amazing voice. I tracked you down as it were, bought the book on prayer you were talking about and have been listening to you podcasts. I could ramble on for pages but for now I’ll just leave it at THANK YOU!!!

    • Lyndall Bywater

       /  27/04/2019

      Hello Barbara! Wow … thank you so much for your kind words. I am thrilled to know you found the book and the interview so helpful. Thank you for brightening my day with such an encouraging post. If ever you have any questions or want to message me in a non-public-website way, do go to the Contact section of http://www.lyndallbywater.net and message me, as it comes straight to my email address and I’d be delighted to hear from you.


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