The “Prayer in the Making” Bookclub

Lent starts in just over 2 weeks, and if you haven’t already got your Lent Reading sorted, here’s an idea for you. Why not journey with me through my new book,Prayer in the Making. I wrote it last year because I’m passionate about helping people find the different kinds of Prayer that best suit their personality, but the only way to really do that is to try lots of different types of prayer at least once … and what better time to do that than Lent? The book takes you on a tour of 12 different types of prayer, and it gives you creative ways to try out each type, making for a rich and varied Lent experience.

So here’s the plan: you get hold of a copy of the book, and we’ll wander through it together, starting on Wednesday 6th March (Ash Wednesday) and finishing at Easter. Once we get underway, I’ll post every Monday and Thursday, pointing you to a different section of the book to read. Then we can share our thoughts on the type of prayer we’ve been reading about, we can discuss the questions and try out the prayer activities.

As well as pointing you to different sections of the book to read, I’ll also share some extra thoughts and stories along the way … stuff that didn’t make it into the book … and I hope those things will make it an even more worthwhile journey.

One of the things I’ve learnt about writing books is that we as authors need to keep living them … keep rooting our lives in the praxis we’re recommending to everyone else … so I’m going to work my way through Prayer in the Making again, almost a year after I wrote it, and I’d be thrilled to have your company. If you like the idea of joining a little Lent prayer community, this could be just what you’re looking for.

There are a few ways you can participate:

1. Here on my website. I will post everything here and you’ll be able to comment as you read.

2. On Facebook: I’ll post everything to my Facebook page, where people will be able to comment and share if they want to. Just go to Facebook and search for Lyndall Bywater, then like my page, and you’ll get posts from me popping up in your newsfeed. In addition I’ll set up a Facebook event for the Bookclub which you can join, then you’ll get notifications when I post something.

3. Through the podcast: I’ll be recording a little podcast every few days, so I can share a few more of my thoughts as we go along. You can find it and subscribe to it here:

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  1. Liz Rook

     /  18/03/2019

    In educating young children we take time to develop their speaking and listening skills. The latter are almost always the hardest to work on since children are always very busy with their own agendas! I’m reminded as I listen to the podcast that my listening skills need practising every day, both at an earthly level in my interaction with those I meet and at a spiritual level with God? Just as I used to make listening skills fun and interesting with my young pupils, so it needs to be in my walk with God. I’m just off to have some listening time: a walk into my home city simply enjoying being with God and relishing the prospect of what He will say.


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