Talks to download

Lyndall with 24-7 Prayer

Teach us to pray – building personal prayer
(recorded at a 24-7 Prayer gathering)
Cost: £2.00
Prayer Tools: How your personality affects your prayer life
(recorded for 24-7 Prayer training course)
Cost: £3.00

Spring Harvest
(Approx costs £3.00 for download and £4.00 for CD; not all available for download)

Lyndall’s seminars:
How do you pray: Learning to pray (2009)
What do you pray for: Learning to pray (2009)
Guidance (2005)
Behind enemy lines – Acts 19:1-20 (2005) 
Scared to death (2004)
Freedom in the Holy Spirit (2003)
The lost art of forgiveness (2003)

Teaching series:
Russell Rook & Lyndall Bywater – Pragmatist Zone 2010
(4 parts)

David Westlake & Lyndall Bywater – Green Zone Reflector 2009
(4 parts)

Nick Baines & Lyndall Bywater – Radio 4 Zone 2008
(4 parts)

Dr Patrick Dixon & Lyndall Bywater – Grace on the Academic Edges Zone 2004
(4 parts)
Joel Edwards & Lyndall Bywater – Mind and Future Zone 2003
(4 parts)
Alistair Burt & Lyndall Bywater – Workplace Zone 2002
(4 parts)

New Wine Leaders Conference 2010

Getting your church to pray passionately
Cost £3.99

Salvation Army ROOTS Conference

Big Top Celebration – Prayer (2009)
Cost: £3.00

Lyndall’s sermons at St Mary Bredin Church Canterbury

Click here for a page displaying links to all the talks listed below (you can stream or download):
Verses for Life: 1 Timothy 4:4-5 – inspired by Pete Greig … and Jesus 🙂
A worry-free life: Matthew 6:19-34

Prayer for Renewal: Habakkuk 3:1-19
Prayer that brings mercy: Daniel 9:1-19

The shepherds and the glory of God: Luke 2:8-20
Faith or deeds: James 2:14-26

The nag and the fool: Luke 18:1-14
Rolling away our stones: Matthew 28:1-10

Mary – prophet of a new order: Luke 1:26-56
Pastoral Care – God’s heart: Isaiah 49

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