More than Gold prayer (Olympic & Paralympic Games)

Prayer resources for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

More than Gold’s website has a host of useful resources, including some very helpful prayer material.

Currently available on the prayer page:

A comprehensive Prayer Guide full of creative resources to help you, your church, your cell group or your prayer group pray for the Games. It includes:

  • How to build regular prayer for the Games into the life of a church
  • What the Bible says about praying for a major sporting event
  • Extensive topics for prayer with links to websites
  • Creative ways to include prayer in church
  • Planning a Games prayer meeting
  • How to run a Prayer Walk for the Games
  • Prayer resources for children and sports groups
  • Written and responsive prayers for the Games

Info on how you and your church can get involved in praying as the Torch travels through the nation …  click here

A prayer framework to use when your church prays in services or homegroups. Download the latest prayer points


Click here for a one page PDF on plans and programmes relating to prayer and the Games.


Praying into the issues of trafficking and prostitution is a 7-day cycle of prayer, put together by a coalition of Christian organisations, to help us pray into the issues of trafficking and prostitution at/around the 2012 Games. Each day features a prayer written by a woman who has escaped from a life in this industry.

You can use the resources as a daily prayer rhythm, but they would also be excellent to use in prayer meetings, church services or prayer rooms.

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