We know prayer is important and we should do more of it. We know prayer is powerful and it could just change the world. So why is it we don’t seem to do much of it? One of Lyndall’s greatest privileges in life is to help people bridge that gap, so that we become people who do actually pray.

Is your church/group looking for some teaching on prayer? It could be anything from a sermon in a church service to a whole weekend conference dedicated to learning more about this complex and amazing subject. Here’s a sample of some possible topics to whet your appetite:

  • Prayer and Personality: understanding how our personality shapes the way we pray, so that prayer stops being a frustrating, guilt-inducing duty and starts being a natural and life-giving part of our everyday routine.
  • Spiritual Warfare: understanding how the enemy operates, and the place prayer has in undoing his work.
  • Creative Prayer: learning to pray without words … using all our senses, and expressing our prayers through the creativity God has given each one of us.
  • Prayer in the Local Church: understanding where your church is at the moment on its journey of prayer, and learning how to help it move on.
  • Prayer and Transformation: understanding how prayer changes places, and learning how to impact your local community through strategic intercession and prayer walking.

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There’s a lot of good stuff out there on prayer and spirituality, but maybe you need something that doesn’t exist yet, such as a magazine article or a teaching handout on prayer

… Or perhaps you need a whole book:

  • a prayer journey booklet, based around a theme of your choosing, which enables everyone in the church to follow the same prayers and reflections each day.
  • a teaching resource on a particular aspect of prayer.
  • a prayer guide with additional information to help people pray into an issue (such as. human trafficking), an event (such as your church outreach week) or a particular season (such as Lent or exam time).

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And maybe you’re not sure what you need – what would help your church/group grow in prayer. That’s where a phone-call or an on-site visit can come in really handy. Once we’ve got to know your situation, we will write a report with some suggestions on how you might move forward from where you are.

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