Ministry CV

Preaching Teaching and Training
Lyndall has had the privilege of speaking at the following, to name but a few:
24-7 Prayer International Gatherings
Spring Harvest
The Salvation Army ROOTS Conference (UK)
New Wine Leaders Conference
Tearfund Prayer and Fasting Day
Salvation Army Conferences, training events and leaders retreats in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Latvia
Lydia Fellowship International regional training events
Training courses for church-based gap-year teams (including The Salvation Army’s Essential 1 Programme and the Tribal Training year-team programme)
… And many local churches around the UK.

Writing and Editing
Lyndall’s writing work includes:
‘Neighbours, Transform your Street’ by Rebekkah Brettle and Lyndall Bywater

This book was published in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley Stadium in September 2012, and is designed to help people get started praying for their local neighbourhood.


Prayer for Today

Lyndall is part of the editorial team for Prayer for Today (published by UCB), with specific responsibility for compiling the national prayer diary section
Lyndall writes regular 2-week Bible study series for ‘Day by Day with God’ (published by Bible Reading Fellowship)
She also occasionally contributes to Salvationist (The Salvation Army’s ‘in-house’ newspaper)

She helped write and compile many of More Than Gold’s prayer resources for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games


Lyndall has had the opportunity to help develop effective and attainable prayer strategies at many different levels. She has worked with church-planting teams, church leadership teams, town/city-wide prayer initiatives and national organisations. She has also worked extensively with regional and national leadership within The Salvation Army.

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