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Lyndall and guide dog CroftI’ve been completely hooked on the subject of prayer since I was about 18 years old (some 20 years ago as I write). Like most passions in life, I’m not sure where it started, but I remember my student years in the beautiful city of Canterbury being full of a longing to know what it would be like to live in the fullness of everything God intended us to experience in Jesus … and I knew that was somehow inextricably linked with prayer.
I had the privilege of sharing that season of my life with some inspiring friends and some excellent mentors, and that got me off to a pretty good start. I am still connected to many of those people through belonging to a mission agency called Firelighters. This collection of wonderful people is dispersed all over the world, serving God in a variety of ways, in some very tough places. Knowing them and hearing their stories helps me remember what it’s really all about, this life I’m living.

When I was 20, my university degree in modern languages required me to spend a year in France, so I joined Operation Mobilisation, as part of a team helping to plant a church in Laval (North-western France). The heart for France and for Europe has never left me.
On completing my Masters Degree, I spent 4 years working for St Mary Bredin Church in Canterbury. I was the Students and Young Adults Co-ordinator, and the chance to work as part of a church leadership team was invaluable experience for me at so many levels. I learned to love church (as God intended it), and to understand some of the obstacles which get in the way of us going deeper in prayer. It was there that I really came to understand that a praying church is an excitingly dangerous thing!
In 2001 I prayed a very simple prayer: I asked God to find me a job which would combine my love of prayer with my desire to serve the mission of The Salvation Army. I had grown up in The Salvation Army, and though my years with the Anglican Church had taught me much which I couldn’t have learned anywhere else at that time, I had begun to feel excited at the idea of participating in the mission of an organisation which has always meant a great deal to me.
God answers prayer in a straightforward way sometimes, and so I spent the next nearly 10 years working as The Salvation Army’s UK Prayer Co-ordinator, co-ordinating the 24-7/SA Prayer Network. It was my dream job (and I don’t say that lightly). It brought me into contact with amazing people, and gave me the chance to discover a whole world of prayer out there which I never knew existed.
Now a freelancer, traveling the world teaching on prayer, and sitting in my attic writing about it, I am still involved in a wide range of networks and movements seeking to promote the power and importance of prayer. To name but a few:
24-7 Prayer
Prayer Forum of the British Isles and Ireland
Kent Prayer Partnership
Canterbury Boiler Room Community
This last is my home … a community of praying people committed to seeing our city and our region transformed by the love and power of God. Should pilgrimage ever bring you to Canterbury (as it has brought many before you), why not come and find us.

For my ‘Ministry CV’ (otherwise known as the name-dropping bit) please click here …

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