Praying for Archbishop Justin Welby

As of today, it is 40 days till Archbishop Justin Welby is enthroned in Canterbury Cathedral.
When he became Bishop of Durham, Justin called his diocese to 50 days of prayer, but we figure it’s not so easy to do that amid the hype of taking up such a vast and prestigious role as Archbishop of Canterbury, so we at Canterbury Boiler Room Prayer Community thought we would get on and do it ourselves.
So we are inviting people to join us on a 40-day prayer journey, from today until 21st March, praying for Archbishop Justin as he prepares for this new season in his life.

We have compiled a prayer diary for the next 40 days (starting today, Sunday), and there are various ways you can access it:
1. Contact me through the Contact Form on this website to request an emailed copy of the diary, along with some background info on the roles and responsibilities of an Archbishop, and some news of the Enthronement.
I must warn you that the 40-day diary is the least aesthetically pleasing thing you will ever have come across It is a very wordy table … but the point of it is that it contains all 40 requests on 1 page, so you can print it out, stick it somewhere you’ll see it, and check out the prayer point for each day with the minimum of hassle.

2. The prayer points will be posted on the Canterbury Boiler Room blog:

3. The requests will be posted daily in our ‘Canterbury Boiler Room Prayer Community’ Facebook group.

4. You can get the daily prayer points on Twitter by following @Pray4ABCJustin

This is a vital season for the Church in our Nation, and Justin needs all the prayer we can muster, so please join in!

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